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Change of Course Name

Change of Course Name

by Margaret Summers -
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We would like to inform you about some important updates regarding our chemistry courses. Please take note of the following changes:

  1. Renaming of "High School Chemistry" to "Advanced Chemistry": The course previously known as "High School Chemistry" has been renamed to "Advanced Chemistry." This change reflects the advanced level and content covered in the course. All students who were enrolled in the High School Chemistry course will now find it under the new "Advanced Chemistry" category. Your progress and materials will remain intact.

  2. AP Summer Prep Course: The AP Summer Prep course, which was formerly a separate course, has now been integrated into the Advanced Chemistry category.

  3. Introduction of "General Chemistry": We are excited to announce the addition of a new course called "General Chemistry." This course is designed to provide a solid foundation in chemistry principles and concepts. If you are new to chemistry or seeking a comprehensive review, we encourage you to explore the General Chemistry course.

Please note that these changes aim to streamline and enhance your learning experience. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the course renaming or the new General Chemistry course, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.